There are 29 agencies in our local area that can offer you food assistance.

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In addition, we have a listing of a wide range of secondary resources (AFDC, Food Stamps, etc.)

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  • Households with children are the largest demographic group accessing emergency food boxes.
  • The average number of EFB's distributed monthly in Clark County has increased from 9500 to 10,100 and 39% of those receiving hunger relief from this source are children.

Employees of CCFB actively and positively enhance the lives of people in our community who suffer the effects of hunger and food insecurity. Are you interested in a challenging new career?

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Am I eligible to receive food assistance?

There is no set of universal rules governing eligibility across the board for all Local Agencies in Clark County and conditions do vary from one to another.

Where I can go to get food assistance?

See Local Food Agencies.

What are food stamps? Is my family eligible?

As of October 1st 2008 the federal Food Stamp Program administered by the USDA, was renamed Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This new name reflects a focus on nutrition and putting healthy food within reach for low income households and individuals. SNAP helps low income people and families buy the food they need for maintaining good health. Each state is responsible for its own program which may or may not be called SNAP. To apply for benefits individuals or families must complete the application form for the state in which they reside. Benefits are provided on a card called an EBT (electronic benefit transfer) which is used like a debit card and is accepted at most grocery stores. Along with nutrition education partners SNAP also helps clients learn to make healthy eating and active lifestyle choices.

Eligibility is based on a number of factors related to family size as well as income. A family of 3 can make up to $1861.00 per month and still receive benefits. Before applying it would be helpful for people to know facts like earnings, rent or mortgage, utility bills, child support, day care expenses, medical bills and balances in their bank accounts.

In person applications can be completed at Columbia River Community Services Office #53 located at 5411 E. Mill Plain Blvd. Building #1. Phone number: (360) 759-2800

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Where can we get additional help?

See Secondary Resources.