Capital Campaign Meets Goal:

Through the extraordinary generosity and vital commitments provided by members of our community, CCFB's campaign to raise $4.2 million for the construction of a new 22,000 sq. ft. central warehouse and distribution facility to serve Clark County and SW Washington has been a tremendous success. Our sincere gratitude and thanks to all of those that have contributed to making this mission possible! Funding sources to date are listed below:

  • $1,470,000 appropriation from the state of Washington.
  • $712,500 Federal HUD grant.
  • $1,730,084 in private funding (through Dec. 31, 2010).
  • $466,128 Community Development Block Grant from Clark Count and the city of Vancouver.

With full initial funding of the project secured, purchase of 2.09 acres of property in Hazel Dell will be finalized in late February, with groundbreaking expected in late-March and construction planned for completion in December of this year.

It is important to note that while achieving our initial capital campaign goal is a major milestone, it is just the first stage in the overall funding process for CCFB. Our fundraising efforts must now be shifted to focus on several very important fronts:

  • Phase II Capital Campaign: These are additional funds required to build out a Learning Kitchen and conference rooms.
  • Operations: Ongoing funding to hire and maintain Staff as well as raising the money to pay for utilities and other operating necessities.
  • Endowment Fund: The endowment will provide income to help defray operating costs over the long term and to serve as a safety net.

These efforts are essential to our long-term success and will require continuing support from those in our community that have the capacity to give at any level. If you or someone you know can assist us in making our vision of building and operating our new storage and distribution facility a long-term reality by contributing to our cause, please contact us at 360.693.0939 to make a donation. You can also make a donation online.