See the Food Bank In Action!

Ever wonder what we do here at the food bank every day? Or what our facilities look like? Or maybe even what exactly a harvest event looks like at the farm? Videos made by community partners or our media interns help us to answer those exact questions!

A video highlighting Clark County Food Bank and our vision & mission.

Check out a video from before CCFB built our recent distribution center and warehouse

A video on CCFB as a winner of the Clark County Community Pride Design Awards 2012

A 2012 animated video that looks at Clark County Food Bank and the work we do in our community to alleviate hunger and its root causes!

Volunteering at CCFB

Working towards our mission would not be possible without the dedicated core of volunteers that help us out daily. Watch the videos below to see what it's like to volunteer at Clark County Food Bank.

Through Clark County Food Bank's Farming & Gleaning Program, we collect over 100,000 lbs. of fresh produce every year. Follow along in the video to learn what carrot harvesting is like at our farm.

Our volunteer orientation video gives you the ins & outs of volunteering at Clark County Food Bank!

Food Repacks at Clark County Food Bank are a fun and great way to give back. Let's give a big round of applause to all of our volunteers!