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For families in poverty, healthy food choices are often too expensive and difficult to purchase. They are the first items to get cut off the grocery list.

As a result, families in poverty end up relying on food which is high in calories and sodium, but low in nutritional value.

Would you consider helping provide healthy food to families in need throughout our community? 


At Clark County Food Bank, we not only want to provide MORE food to people in poverty, but we also want to provide HEALTHIER food to people in poverty. 

If you make a financial gift today, then we can quickly purchase and distribute healthy food to families in need.

Every dollar you donate will provide up to FOUR meals! 


If you choose to give, you will be providing food assistance and healthy life change for those who struggle in our community.

Thank you for making our community a better place for everyone!

$25 provides 100 meals

$100 provides 400 meals

$250 provides 1,000 meals

$500 provides 2,000 meals

$1,000 provides 4,000 meals