There are many neighborhoods throughout Clark County where people do not have access to healthy food. For example, the Fruit Valley neighborhood is home to countless families who struggle with hunger because the closest grocery store requires a one-hour roundtrip bus ride and the only local food options are convenience stores.

Fruit Valley.jpg

As a food bank, we want to break down those barriers and ensure that every person in our community has access to healthy food. 

Would you please consider making a financial donation to provide much needed food assistance to friends and families who live in these neighborhoods?

$25 provides 100 meals
$100 provides 400 meals
$250 provides 1,000 meals
$500 provides 2,000 meals
$1,000 provides 4,000 meals

With your financial support, you will be putting food into the hands and homes of those who need it most. Thank you for your compassion and financial support.

Welcome to the HUNGER TEAM!