You found it!

You saw the secret QR code. It piqued your curiosity, and you wondered, “Why is a QR code hidden in this leaf? What would happen if I clicked it?" And so you did. And now you’re here. We’re thrilled you found us!

That means you’re brave. You’re observant. You’re adventurous. You’re inquisitive. And you care about helping the hungry.

Now, you will be rewarded! We invite you to stop by the Clark County Food Bank office to pick up a special gift. We want to give you a magnet that says, “I help feed the hungry.” This is our gift to you, just for clicking the QR Code.

Display it on your refrigerator, on your locker, or on your car. And if someone asks you, “Hey, how’d you get that cool magnet?” You can just smile and say, I “found” it.


Our office is open Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm. The address is: 6502 NE 47th Avenue, Vancouver WA, 98661.

When you arrive, tell the person at the front desk – “I found the secret leaf, and I’m here to claim my prize.”


Thanks for playing along.

And thanks for supporting Clark County Food Bank!


See you soon…