Walk & Knock Food Drive

First Saturday of December- December 1, 2018

Walk & Knock is the nation’s largest one-day community food drive, and it takes place right here in Clark County. Walk & Knock gathers charitable donations of food, supplies, and money, which in turn are donated to Clark County Food Bank to provide food for those in need across our community. In 2017, Walk & Knock alone donated over 259,000 pounds of food to Clark County Food Bank.


How it works:

Walk & Knock distributes grocery bags throughout the county the week before the food drive.

You fill the bags with food and leave the bags on your doorstep. Walk & Knock volunteers go door-to-door to pick up all the donations.

The food is then boxed by volunteers and delivered to Clark County Food Bank. From there it is repacked and distributed to our 40 partner agencies.


When it happens:

First Saturday of December
December 1, 2018

Collection- Set your grocery bags full of food easily accessible on your porch for volunteers to collect.

Saturday before Thanksgiving
November 17, 2018

Bag Folding- Help volunteer by joining the bag folding party. At this time volunteers stuff the folded bags into local newspapers.


Where is it?

Food Collection- Walk & Knock brings the food drive to you. Just set your bag(s) of donated food out on your front doorstep or another easily accessible spot.

Bag Folding- The bag folding party happens right here at Clark County Food Bank. Contact Walk & Knock for more information and to sign up to volunteer.


Interested in volunteering?

Walk & Knock is a volunteer-driven Food Drive, and made possible by the amazing corps of volunteers who sign up to help each year.