Is it more helpful to donate money or food?

Clark County Food Bank values all donations. Food drives provide some of the healthiest and highest-quality food we receive. Cash donations keep our freezers running and our trucks on the road. They also support innovative programs that address the root causes of hunger through advocacy and public education. $1 donated provides up to 4 meals!

How long should my food drive last?

Some food drives last for a few hours at an event, some for a few days, some a couple weeks, and even some for an entire year. We have found that the most successful food drives are the ones that are shorter in length (up to a couple weeks) but are highly advertised and exciting.

When is the best time to host my food drive?

We appreciate your support all year! Our slower times of year are through the Spring and Summer.

Do you accept other non-food items?

Yes, some of those include personal hygiene products, diapers, facial tissue, paper towels, and pet food.

Do you have a media or marketing team that can support my food drive?

Yes! Email us at and someone from our team will contact you shortly!

How much does a can of food weigh?

A typical 15oz can of food weighs almost a pound.

What kind of items do you have the greatest need for?

Non-perishable, shelf stable food items that are high in protein; canned fruits and vegetables; dry goods; peanut butter; tuna fish; and many other items (see our Most Wanted Foods list)

Will I get a receipt for my donations?

You will receive a funds and poundage certificate for the pounds of food and funds collected.

Where can I drop-off my food and fund donations?

Donations are accepted at our warehouse between 7:30 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday.

For 500lb+ or 2+ barrels full of food donations, please call us at (360) 693-0939 to confirm your drop-off time.

How does the food collected from the drives get to the people in need?

Clark County Food bank uses all of the donations received from your food drive and distributes it amongst our 40+ partner agencies in Clark County. The food is inventoried and then sorted into boxes, thanks to our volunteers, to be sent out to the partner agency. Each agency has their own method for distributing their food and getting it into the hands of the client. Click here to learn more about our food distribution model and partner agencies.

Step 1 - Register a Drive.JPG

It only takes a few minutes to fill out the registration form. This form will help us get to know you and the details of your food & fund drive. Click the link below to see the form and get started…

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We rely on support from the community to help collect food and funds for hungry people in Clark County. Thank you for helping us alleviate hunger and its root causes in our community!

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We can provide you with everything you will need to have a successful food and fund drive. From a To-Do guide and a list of creative ideas to printable posters, and our official logo – we’ve got you covered.