At Clark County Food Bank, our staff and board come together to create a workplace that is efficient as well as friendly. Take a look at the staff and board members who devote their days to serving Clark County.


Our staff makes a daily commitment to alleviating hunger and its root causes in our community.

Mary Alaback  Community Outreach

Mary Alaback
Community Outreach

Cleome Bernick-Roehr  Nutrition Educator

Cleome Bernick-Roehr
Nutrition Educator

Patti Bryant  Development Volunteer

Patti Bryant
Development Volunteer


Heidi Cobun  Agency Services Associate

Heidi Cobun
Agency Services Associate

Terry Combs   Warehouse

Terry Combs

Lexi Courtney  Nutrition Educator

Lexi Courtney
Nutrition Educator


Caitlin Cunningham  Events Coordinator

Caitlin Cunningham
Events Coordinator

Brent Deroche r Warehouse Manager

Brent Derocher
Warehouse Manager

Melissa Edmonds  Development Assistant

Melissa Edmonds
Development Assistant

Alicia Flintoff  Office Administrator

Alicia Flintoff
Office Administrator

Lane Flintoff  Facilities Assistant

Lane Flintoff
Facilities Assistant

Eliana Green  Nutrition Educator

Eliana Green
Nutrition Educator


Alan Hamilton  President

Alan Hamilton

Madison Hamilton  Development Assistant

Madison Hamilton
Development Assistant

Tim Hensley  Warehouse Coordinator

Tim Hensley
Warehouse Coordinator


Kristen Herron  Grant Writer

Kristen Herron
Grant Writer

Glen Jones  Food Donation Coordinator

Glen Jones
Food Donation Coordinator

Holly Jones  Development Manager

Holly Jones
Development Manager


Aubrey Ka’ahanui  Volunteer Coordinator

Aubrey Ka’ahanui
Volunteer Coordinator

Emily Kaleel  Director of Programs

Emily Kaleel
Director of Programs

Alison Lauderdale  Education Manager

Alison Lauderdale
Education Manager


Mary Miller  Community Outreach VISTA

Mary Miller
Community Outreach VISTA

Madeline O’Brien  Development Coordinator

Madeline O’Brien
Development Coordinator

Michele Richardson  Volunteer Administrator

Michele Richardson
Volunteer Administrator


Evan Schoening  Custodial & Facilities

Evan Schoening
Custodial & Facilities

Sarah St. Pierre  Farming & Gleaning

Sarah St. Pierre
Farming & Gleaning

Brian Thompson  Warehouse

Brian Thompson


Will Wall  Warehouse

Will Wall

Justin Werner  Warehouse

Justin Werner

Morgan Whiting  Executive Assistant

Morgan Whiting
Executive Assistant


Board Members

Our Board of Directors is made up of dedicated individuals from all different professions and industries.

David Bristol  Secretary

David Bristol

Brett Bryant  Chair

Brett Bryant

Tim Calderbank

Tim Calderbank


Carrie Cofer

Carrie Cofer

Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen

Mindy Harter  Vice Chair

Mindy Harter
Vice Chair


Scott Huotari

Scott Huotari

Cindy Luckman

Cindy Luckman

Joe Pauletto  Director Emeritus

Joe Pauletto
Director Emeritus


Russell Price  Treasurer

Russell Price

Elson Strahan

Elson Strahan

Jim Youde  Director Emeritus

Jim Youde
Director Emeritus