We have been privileged to partner with many amazing nonprofits in Clark County. County Food Bank is one of the organizations that we hold close to our hearts. Your work to feed, nourish, and educate area families aligns so closely with our mission and values.
— New Seasons Market

Hunger Alliance Members


Let us bring the same passion that drives your business to a passion that also serves your community.

We all want to be about something bigger than ourselves, or even our business. Hunger Alliance provides that link for you and your employees.

Partner with Clark County Food Bank to bring service, awareness, compassion, and resources to the hungry. Together we will serve our community better. 



Our Part

Tangible Connection to Hunger Relief
Community Recognition
Sponsorship & Volunteer
Priority Richness of Association
Marketing and Promotion

Your Part

Community Engagement
Financial Support
Unwavering Compassion for the Hungry
Mission Outlet



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