Frequently (and not-so-frequently) Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Questions about Individual Tickets:

How do I get my individual tickets?

When you purchased your tickets online, you entered your name and guest names. So we’re counting on seeing you! All you need to do is bring photo ID when you check in at Tacos & Taps, and enjoy the night.

I purchased more than one ticket. Do me and my guests all have to arrive and check in at the same time?

When you purchased your tickets online, you entered your guests’ names. So remind your guests to bring photo ID for when they check in. If both of you arrive with photo ID, you don’t need to all show up at the same time.

How do I change the name on one of my tickets?

Uh oh, it sounds like you and your friend got in a fight. So sorry to hear that. Tacos & beer will help mend the friendship. BUT… if you still want to change a guest name, just call us, and we’ll change the name on your guest ticket. Our phone number is: (360) 693-0939

I noticed I can only buy 5 individual tickets, what if I want to purchase more?

Great! Check out the Corporate 6-Pack ticket package and the VIP Fiesta Corporate 6-Pack package. It’s a great deal with lots of extras. Click here to learn more about the ticket options:

What if I want to bring more than 6 people?

We don’t blame you – that’s a GREAT idea! Purchase two Corporate 6-Packs and bring 12 guests. Or better yet, purchase three Corporate 6-Packs and bring 18 guests. Or better yet, purchase four Corporate 6-Packs…. Uh, we think you probably get the idea. Invite your entire office! Click here for ticket prices:

Questions about Corporate 6-Packs:

I purchased my Corporate 6-Pack. How do I get my tickets?

Two weeks prior to Tacos & Taps, we will mail you a super-special-fun-ticket envelope. Then you can distribute your Tacos & Taps tickets to any friends, coworkers, clients, cousins, roommates, neighbors, of your choosing. (Just make sure all guests are 21 and over.) Your Corporate 6-Pack guests must bring their ticket to the Tacos & Taps for entry.

How do my Corporate 6-Pack guests receive their super-cool pint glass and drink tokens?

All guests receive these items at the time of check-in. Please make sure your guests bring their tickets with them when checking-in.

Questions about VIP Tickets vs. General Admission

I bought a General Admission ticket (6:30-9:00), but I changed my mind – I want to be a VIP. Can I upgrade to the VIP Fiesta ticket?

Of course you can! Please contact us. Email: or phone: (360) 693-0939 and we’ll hook you up with the VIP treatment.

I have a General Admission ticket (6:30 – 9:00), can I show up early and check in before 6:30?

We don’t blame you for wanting to show up early. But the answer is, NO. Only guests with “VIP Fiesta” tickets will be able to check-in between 4:00-6:30pm.

I have a VIP Fiesta ticket (4:00) can I show up late?

Technically, yes you can. But realistically, why would you want to show up late?!?! Guests with VIP Fiesta tickets can show up anytime between 4:00-6:30pm.

If I purchase a VIP Fiesta ticket, do I need to purchase a General Admission ticket too if I want to stay past 6:30pm?

No, your VIP ticket gets you in the door at 4pm and you can stay until the event ends at 9pm.

Questions about Tacos, Beer, and delicious things

I noticed each ticket comes with 4 drink tokens. What kind of drink do I get for a token?

One token = one 6oz pour of beer, or one 6oz pour of cider, or one 3oz pour of wine.

Four drink tokens is a good start, but what if I want more?

Don’t worry, we’ll have more drink tokens available for purchase during the event. $2 per token.

I’m planning on purchasing more drink tokens. Can I sleep at the food bank after the event?

Sorry, no sleepovers in our warehouse. However, we will have a free Lyft code available during the event. We want to make sure everyone makes it home safely and responsibly. So please, plan on catching a Lyft for a free ride home.

I’m gluten intolerant. Will there be anything to eat or drink besides beer?

Good news: we tolerate gluten intolerance. Therefore, we will also have cider and wine vendors at the event. Typically, we have at least one taco vendor offering a gluten free option.

What restaurants and breweries and desserts will be offered this year?

We are updating our list everyday. Click here to see the complete list:

Questions that didn’t fit in the other categories:

Can I purchase a ticket the day of the event?

Good news: This event sells out every year.  Bad news: That means you CAN NOT buy a ticket on the day of the event. Better news: You’re here now, just BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY! Click here:

Is this is a 21 and over event?

Yes, please bring photo I.D.

Do I need to bring cash with me to the event?

This is a fundraiser, and we’ll gladly accept cash. We’ll also have card readers if you want to use a credit card or debit card to purchase more drink tokens, raffle tickets, or beer bottle ring toss throws.

I can no longer attend. Now what?

Cry yourself to sleep at night. Then, contact us and we’ll refund your purchase.


food & beverage

This year we have MORE restaurants ready for you to try their signature tacos, and MORE breweries ready to serve you craft beer. Plus, dessert, soft drinks, wine, and more. 


Music & fun

Enjoy the sounds of live music, or win a raffle basket. Try your luck at the Beer Bottle Ring Toss, or grab some friends and strike a pose in the photo booth. There's lots of fun to be had!


Tickets & pricing

We offer four different ticket options, so find the one that's right for you, your coworkers, clients, and friends. And back by popular demand, we're offering The VIP Fiesta Pass this year.

A special thank you to our event sponsors who underwrite the cost of Tacos & Taps so that ALL proceeds can go directly to alleviating hunger and its root causes in our community.

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