A Letter From Alan

Dear Friends,

 When most people think of a food bank, they picture a large warehouse filled with boxes of food.

 You’re right. We do have a large warehouse.

And yes, we do have boxes of food.

We even have a few forklifts and trucks to move all that food.

 But what you might not know is that the second half of our mission has nothing to do with a large warehouse filled with food.

 No doubt, you have likely seen, heard, or read our mission statement before:

to alleviate hunger and its root causes.

 It’s easy to remember. Complex to carry out.

 The first half of our mission – “alleviating hunger” – requires a big warehouse and lots of food. But the second half of our mission – addressing the “root causes of hunger” – means we’re asking the tough question:

Why are so many people food insecure in our community?

 But we’re not just asking the tough question. Thanks to friends and supporters like you, we’re answering the tough question. Because of your support, together we are providing real life-change for people in poverty.

 When you support the food bank, you’re not only providing food for people in need today (i.e. alleviating hunger.) But you’re also providing education, resources, and life skill training to clients. By addressing the root causes of hunger, we are putting an end to the cycle of food insecurity.

 To that end, I want to say thank you for your financial gifts, volunteer hours, and tremendous support. You are making Clark County a stronger community and a healthier place for all. Both now, and for future generations.


Grateful to be serving alongside of you,

Alan Hamilton

President, Clark County Food Bank